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Vinod A S

Vinod A S is currently Assistant Professor at  NSS College, Pandalam. He had previously worked in several other institutions, and has associated himself with several seminars and other events
He is a second rank holder for his MBA.
Vinod V S
MANAGING THE FUTURE -ISSN 0975-0045 January 1, 2012
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Firm tourism emerging tourisam sector in kerala
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Benifits of IFRS in India
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GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIEW ISSN 2250-2521 November 1, 2012
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A Modern Approach to the Role of Promotional Measures in Rural Marketing
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Vol. 1 No. 1 2013 ISSN: 2320–2238
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REASON FOR RAPID GROWTH OF FINANCIAL ENGINEERING annual journal,St xaviers college aluva ISSN 2321-0214 March 2013
He has done several projects in social and industrial fields.
He can be contacted over

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Dr M Sarngadharan

Dr. M. Sarngadharan is an authority in Comerce education in India and a well recognised expert in Industrial Management, Finance and Power Industry.. He has ontributed nearly 600 Articles on Education, Employment Finance and Banking in leading News Papers and Periodicals both in English and Malayalam He is a famous coulumnist dealing various subjects in Finance, Industry, Tourism, Power Sector, etc. Currently he is serving as Professor and Chairman PG BoS, Department of Commerce, University of Kerala.

Birth and Education
Born on 15-02-1950 at Thattamala, Kollam District he is considered to be an authority in Commerce education. Tourism industry and Power sector
He had his basic education in Kollam. He secured his M.Com. degree with first class first rank from the University of Kerala (1975) and Ph. D. in Commerce from the University of Calicut (1986). He has been teaching at the post-graduate level for the past 4 years and carrying out research activities for the last 27 years.

He has served as the Administrator of the SNDS Trust, Sivagiri with the full powers of the Trust Board taken over by the Government of Kerala for management for two years (1997 - 99). Many developments were initiated in the trust during his tenure
He has authored 17 books on varying aspects of business and commerce sectors of the country. . He has also served as Dean, Faculty of Commerce, University of Kerala and Member Senate, Cochin University of Science and Technology. Presently, he is a Member, Senate and Academic Council and Chairman, P.G. Board of Studies in Commerce, University of Kerala and Member, Curriculum Committee, VHSE, Government of Kerala under the Chairmanship of State Minister for Education. His joint studies on Electricity Industry in Kerala with Dr D Shina, an Electricity Finance Expert were well noticed.
He has participated in several International Conferences and visited Spain, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Nepal. He is the Chief Editor of Journal of Business Studies published from Trivandrum. He has successfully guided 27 candidates for Ph.D. degree and 102 candidates for M. Phil degree


Books (Authored/Co-authored)

1. Health Tourism in India – New Century Publication, New Delhi 2009

2. Traditional Industries in India in the Globilized Economy – New Century Publication New Delhi 2007

3. Indian Economy in the Globalized World – New Century Publication New Delhi 2006( rated as Best Seller by Booknews Inc, Portland, USA in August 2007)

4. Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development –Indian and Global Perspectives - New Century Publication New Delhi 2005

5. Management Information System - Himalaya publishing house Mumbai 2004

6. Growth of Commercial Banks in Kerala - Management Publishing House, Trivandrum (1990).

7. Women Entrepreneurship – Institutional Support and Problems - Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi (1995)

8. Towards Managerial Excellence (Ed.) - Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi (1996)

9. Marketing - Vidhyardhi Mithrom, Kottayam (1997)

10. Share Market (Malayalam) - State Language Institute, Government of Kerala (1994).

11. Tourism (Malayalam – Ed.) - State Language Institute, Government of Kerala (2001).

12. E-Commerce (Malayalam) - State Language Institute, Government of Kerala (2001).

13. Edited 10 Books on Sree Narayana Philosophy while working as Administrator of SNDS Trust, Sivagiri as deputed by the Government of Kerala.(1997-99)

14. Accounting (Malayalam) - State Language Institute, Government of Kerala (1996).

15. Book Keeping (Malayalam) - State Language Institute, Government of Kerala (1979).

16.Electricity Industry in the Public Sector in India - Digital book, (2009).

Topics of Doctorates awarded:

1 Ambili Kumar V: Working of Small Scale Industries in Kerala with reference to Trivandrum district 1990

2 Manoharan Nair : Problems and prospects of plantation Industries in Kerala 1991

3. Gopi, V.K.: Financial Administration of Panchayats in Kerala 1991

4 Dayanandan M.N: The Kerala State Cashew Development Corporartion : An evaluative study 1991

5 Thomas Koshy : Role of non-banking financial institutions in the industrial development of Kerala 1992

6 Thomas,P.C : Problems and Prospects of Village Industries in Kerala 1992

7 Resia Beegam ,S: Study of problems of women enterprenurs in Kerala 1994

8 Unuskutty.K.K: Empirical study on plantation schemes financed by primary
co-operative agricultural and rural development banks in Kerala 1994

9. Sajeev. S: Trade unionism in Kerala - an empirical study 1995

10 Rajithakumar.S : Marketing management of small scale industries in Kerala1997
11 Joseph Antony:The role of Kerala tourism development corporation Ltd. in the
promotion of tourism 1998

12 Gireeshkumar,G.S: Primary housing co-operatives in Kerala- An evaluative study

13 Abraham .P.O : Problems and prospects of rubber based industries in Kerala 2002
14 Anil Prasad.V: Financial Management of Public Sector undertakings in Kerala 2002

15 Manilal, K: Kerala State Textile Corporation: An evaluative Study 2003

16. Nandakumar Damodara Prasad: HRM in the textiles units in Kerala 2003

17 Jacob Thomas: Consumer behaviour in retail marketing of textiles 2004

18. Sibila Pius : Forest industrial products in the public sector 2005

19. Anandan, D :Electrical equipment industry in the public sector 2005

20. Muraleedharan, K. M. : Marketing of banking services in Kerala 2005
21. Yohannan Varghese : Employment security measures in unorganized sector of
Kerala- an evaluative study 2005

22 Minimol.M.C : E-Governance and Rural Self Government- A Study of Kerala state

23. Noushad .P.M :Tea Industry in Kerala – Problems in Production on Marketing

24. Anil Kumar .K: Performance evaluation of the Kerala State Development Corporation for Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes 2006

25 Jaya Kumari, S.: Export trade of traditional items : A study of Kerala
State 2006

26. Shina, D: Financial performance of the Kerala State Electricity Board 2007

27. Sunanda,V.S:Health tourism in Kerala with special reference to Ayurveda :
An evaluative study 2008

Positions held in Academic Bodies

• Chief Editor of Journal of Business Studies (half yearly research Publication) published from Trivandrum (serving since 2001)
• Member, Senate, University of Kerala.( 1996-98 and 2006-08)
• Member, Academic Council, University of Kerala ( 1994 to 2009).
• Dean, Faculty of Commerce, University of Kerala for 2 years (1996-98).
• Member, P.G. Board of Studies (Commerce), University of Kerala (serving since 1988).
• Chairman, P.G. Board of Studies (Commerce), University of Kerala (serving since 1994)).
• Member, Research Development Council, University of Kerala (1995-97).
• Member, University-Industrial Liaison Cell. (serving)
• Member, P.G.Board of Studies (Commerce), Kannur University (2000-02)
• Member, P.G.Board of Studies (Master of International Business), Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. (serving)
• Chairman/Member of Board of Examiners and Question Paper Setters of many Universities in India on several occasions.
• External Expert of the Selection Committees constituted by several Universities and affiliated Colleges for appointment to various categories of teachers and administrators.
• Member, Senate, Cochin University of Science and Technology (2001-05)

Positions held in Government Bodies

• Chairman, Board of Studies for Vocational Higher Secondary, Government of Kerala ( 2002 -07)
• Member, State level Curriculum Committee for VHSE under the Chairmanship of Minister for Education (2002-07)
• Member PEER Team National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
• Member General Council and Executive Committee of State Institute for Management and Training for Higher secondary Educators
• Advisor to selection Committees of University Grants commission
• Advisor to selection Committees of UPSE and Staff Selection Commission (Government of India)

Foreign visits

• Visited UAE and gave lectures on career Planning and Sree Narayana Philosophy in all the seven Emirates, also participated in interactive radio programme organized Radio Asia UAE in 2007 and 2008.
• Presented paper in ‘Hosting the World 2002’ held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2002. The full text of the research paper presented was included in the conference proceedings as the first article
• Participated in ‘International Conference on Sports Tourism organized by WTO at Barcelona Spain in the year 2001
• Visited United Kingdom 2001.
• Visited Singapore and delivered a speech at S.N .Mission in July2002
• Visited Nepal in 1985.

Mass Mediia Participatons


• Conducted quiz programmes, and participated in discussions and talks telecast by Doordarsan, Asianet, Soorya TV, Kairali TV,Jai Hind TV, Manorama Vision and an Interview in BBC(in 1998 on Sree Narayana Philosophy)
• Participated in Live Programmes on Management Topics Broadcast by All India Radio for three years, delivered lectures in Radio Asia, UAE

Print Media

• Contributed nearly 600 Articles on Education, Employment Finance and Banking in leading News Papers and Periodicals both in English and Malayalam
• Columnist of ‘Kerala Kaumudi daily, on Career Planning and Financial Matters, having circulation of over 2 lakh copies besides online edition

Awards and Recognitions

• Edited Volume titled Indian Economy in the Globalized World, Published by New Century Publication, New Delhi was rated as Best Seller by the Booknews Inc, Portland, USA in August 2007
• Honoured by Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Legal Studies for Producing the highest Number of PhD’s in Humanities and Social Sciences in Kerala in Jan 2008
• KalaKerala Award For The Best Educationalist in the State of Kerala during 2005
• Gurusmirithy Award 1999 for the Best Social Worker instituted by Guruseva Samithy, Palathuruthi, Cochin (Presented by Mr.S.Sharma, Minister for Cooperation, Government of Kerala).
• Gold Medal of the Kerala University Students’ Union for the First Rank in M.Com. Degree Examination 1975. Presented by Prof. Nurul Hassan, the then Union Minister for Education, Govt. of India.

Social Activities

• President of the Central Committee, Kerala Kaumadi International Readers Club (serving)
• Served as the Secretary, Friends’ Forum (Reg.), Trivandrum (1993 – 96).
• Served as Secretary, Department Council, Commerce, University of Calicut – Statutory Body (1981-85).
• Served as Treasurer, S.N.Club (Reg. with Government), Trivandrum (1993).
• Served as Secretary, S.N.Club (1994 and 1995).

Other References

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Ashwani Bhalla

Guru Nanak Dev University Amristar 1989-1993: Bachelor of Commerce: 1991 Masters in Commerce: 1993 (With First Class First Position in University. The University awarded gold medal in token thereof) Punjabi University Patiala: Took his PhD in Business Management-2009 Title of the Thesis: Housing Finance: An analysis of Indian Scenario in the Post liberalization Era.
Career and achievements
Department of Higher Education, Government of Punjab: Associate Professor in Commerce, SCD Government College Ludhiana (Punjab) India-Associate Professor in Commerce at Post Graduate Department of Commerce, S.C.D Government College Ludhiana. The Area of specialization is Financial Services, Operations Research and Taxation. His focus is on Teaching and Research in Financial Services and Operations Research in Networking for Excellence. He is the Executive Vice President of the Punjab Commerce and Management Association (PCMA.
He has have been involved in the designing of courses and outline of syllabus of Commerce and Management Courses of Panjab University as a member of the Post Graduate Board of Commerce and Management and Member of the Faculty of Commerce and Management of Panjab University Chandigarh. I have been regularly involved in organizing various Faculty training and development Programmes and experience of working as Conference Secretary of the six International Conferences and Several National Conferences. He is specialised in various aspects of financial services and Operations Research.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dr D Shina

Dr D Shina

Dr D Shina is teaching Commerce in the Graduate and Post Graduate levels for the last 33 years in various colleges of Kerala. She has retired as Associate Professor from Sree Narayana College, Kollam a premiere higher education centre under the University of Kerala. She is currently the head of the Department of Commerce at The Sree Naryana Guru College of Legal Studies, Kollam, a graduate Law College under the Sreee Narayan Trusts. She took her post graduate degree from Sree Narayana College,Kollam and her M Phil and Ph D from the University of Kerala.
Her major area of interest is Electricity Finance and has written several research as well as polpular articles in research journals and news papers.Her book, jointly autherd with Dr M Sarngadharan on Indian Electricity Industry in Public Sector published by Cooperjal Ltd, UK was widely notted.
Contact information
Phone +91474 2760260, +919447176026